Rigging with clothes

I just finished my donald duck model, but it still needs some clothes before I can start rigging it,
However I’m afraid that the arms etc. are going to stick through the clothes
How do you guys add clothes to an animated character?
Seperate object? Shrink wrap?

You can try with “mesh deform” modifier.
It’s a bit tricky but this can help:

Much depends on the form of your model and what kind of clothes it will wear. Clothes that fit fairly closely and won’t need any true wrinkling (think cartoon-style T-shirt) can be done by making the clothes part of the model, or for separate clothes meshes, with the Shrinkwrap modifier used with Armature linking and weight painting. You can even use a separate Armature for certain kinds of garments.

For loose-fitting clothes that need to show folds and wrinkles, or clothes that hang off the body and move according to body motion (think loose trousers, skirts, capes, etc.), the Cloth sim/modifier can be a good way to go, though often it’s rather complicated to get working properly.

There’s no “best” method except as determined by your model and how you want it to look in motion.