Rigging with vertex groups and bevel, 2.5.3

I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this problem, but in the case of someone experiencing it in the future I’ll share my experience.

While rigging a high poly robot I made, I decided vertex envelopes and auto weight painting were both bad ideas. So I went through and made vertex groups for all the parts of my model, and the corresponding bones. Many of the pieces of the model had a bevel modifier active. What I learned was that the armature, when using only vertex groups, did not want to deform the mesh. If I turned envelopes on, it worked perfectly, but envelopes aren’t very good for robots (metal doesn’t bend that way).

(it’s probably a bug in the bevel modifier, losing the vertex group data or something, I didn’t post a bug report since the account server never gave me my account :confused: )

The simple fix - either apply bevel modifier and re-assign your vertex groups, or hide the bevel modifier in object mode. (I have yet to try rendering with the bevel turned on and the mesh deformed, since I’m not completely finished with the rigging, I’ll edit this post when I learn if it works or not) Also if someone could help me with the bug report since like I said, I tried doing a report before and the server never finished my account activation.

(currently running blender 2.5.3 64 windows 7)

I’m not so sure that this could be considered a bug. I mean yea, most modifiers work with armatures and work well and since this doesn’t work, it could be considered a bug. Say for example, a character created using a mirror modifier and weight painted to an armature, there will be vertex groups created for the mirrored 1/2, but since the mirrored half doesn’t actually exist, you can’t edit those vertex groups because they aren’t real. Then another example would be this post:
The bevel modifier kind of only fakes the effect, it can be turned off and on at any time (please note, I’ve never used it, I’m basing that assumption on experience with subsurf and mirror mods) but it doesn’t actually change geometry until it is applied, like the subsurf or mirror mods. I tried to look up the bevel mod in the wiki, but the site it taking forever to respond. I think I would try this in 2.49b and see if it works there, since that version is considered stable.


I’m not trying to edit the mirrored vertex groups, I know they exist, but when the bevel is turned on neither sides vertex groups exist anymore. (but you can see them in weight paint mode). your post makes me wonder if I moved the bevel after the armature in the stack if it’d work, gotta give it a go when I get home!
I do recall creating another robot in 2.49 that used bevel modifier the same way I am using it now, and it worked perfectly with armatures.

Aha, got home and played with the modifiers abit, moving bevel to after the armature works perfectly, just turn the modifier to invisible on complex objects to keep fps rate up.