This whole rigging, ik solvers, and all the are confusing to me. I just wanted a breif explanation on simple rigging. On ludwig’s rigging system its so easy to use, I really wanted to know A way to rig something like that, not the facials and hands but just a way simply animate a character.

There is a GREAT NEW tutorial in works at BlenderWiki which will cover all this stuff at:

But it is NOT done yet… so you can get the part where you create the armature and go to: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showpost.php?p=659617&postcount=3


In the meantime I would recommand the following:
Read this post:
Follow this tutorial:
If you have problems, read the above post again.

whoa, thanks a lot! this is an EXCELLENT source for rigging and armatures. exactly what i was looking for (it only took three weeks of searching).