Hi There!
I’ve only been “blending” a couple of weeks so I am technically a newbie.

Modelling in Blender has been an enjoyable experience so far, but hey, rigging has not been at all easy! I have tried to rig a character I created, and immediately ran into problems. I’ve tried all sorts of tricks, but have been unsuccesful so far.

I am trying to bend the guy’s arm at the elbow. As you can see in the before/after after pictures, I keep getting an ugly result as a number of polys at the angle overlap. I just cannot obtain a nice, smooth bend, no matter how hard I try.

I would be very happy if anyone out there could offer a suggestion, because I am REALLY stuck.

http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/3384/beforeqi0.jpg (BEFORE)

http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/9898/afteruf0.jpg (AFTER)

Thanks a lot for your kind help!

Happy Blending to all of you. :wink:

yep rigging is harder than you think it should be

you can solve deformation problems with shape keys (pretty advanced for a newbie)

here is a link to a fantastic tute

you may have found the wiki tutorial page
but if you haven’t :slight_smile:

the thing to remember is what it looks like in the final render
if you can’t notice geometry overlapping and intersecting (maybe the camera isn’t that close on the joint) - then it isn’t a problem if the model doesn’t behave the way things do in the real world

(of course this might not be relevant to the model you are working on now - but it might save you some time in the future)

There is a nice tutorial here

Thanks guys. I’ll see what I can do… :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to follow the suggested tutorial. At one point, the author says that the “weights have been smoothed”. How is this achieved?

Thanks a lot.


sorry for the breif answer but I am running late

here a a pic from one of the other tutorials that shows a smoothed joint
it means the transition from 100% influence(red) to 0%(Blue) is gradual
hopefully the pic will explain


this is done with weight painting the vertex groups

have a play around with it and if you get stuck - just ask