Hi to all BlenderArtists, I am a Lightwave user and have been struggling with rigging models with good deformations in Lightwave. My requirements are to be able to rig my characters with good muscle deformation coupled with the ability to then add animation via bvh to the rig.

Now then…I have been looking at BlenRig and can say it looks very close to what I want to achieve with my character. I am trying to find blow-by-blow tuts on how to use BlenRig since I am new to Blender and can’t seem to find any. Please could I hook up with someone for support in getting up to speed with BlenRig & Blender?


Welcome to Blender. As a former LightWave user who has had enough with rigging in LW as well, I can suggest starting with the manual and get very familiar with the interface and various tools and then get into the rigging sections and tutorials in the manual as a starting place.


have you checked out the BlenderArtist thread he made while creating BlenRig?


Although, some basic Blender understanding is necessary to follow it…