I need help rigging a few assets for the making of a he 111 cockpit for a mod in a game, particulary the rudder pedals of my he 111. Here you can see the concept of how the rudder peddle need to move:

Please post a comment if you can help then I will send the file to you via link.

Greeting groppensanta

Hey man, I made this for you. It’s not exactly what you asked for but it can give you some idea.

I’m beginner so it’s just a little try that i did.

Pedal.blend (508 KB)

Wow that is really close of what I meant! I dont even know how you did it I will look into that :slight_smile:

I added some bone constraints to make those movement. In the larger bone, I added an Limit Rotation in Y and Z so it will only rotate in X. In the ‘piston’ I added a bone with Copy Rotation and selected the smaller bone (the one that will not move or rotate).

But I think it’s not right because the piston is moving in the Y direction. To make it only move in the Z direction you will need something like this:

I don’t know if they use some mechanism like this, but it’s the way that I visualized