Hello ,
I am new to blender . Trying to rig a Naruto Model manually since the automatic weights are giving some Bone-Heat Error . I am getting weird movements trying to do this . Please can anyone give me some tips or point me to some mistakes that any noob at start would make

Step 1 - Check your weighting for ALL bones are correct.
No blend file supplied with your post so you’ll have to do that yourself
Step 2 - go back to step 1

Hello ,
I am new to Blender . I am trying a Naruto based CG animation . I got the model from internet . I tried automatic and manual rigging . the point is
Automatic rigging gives Bone Heating errors .
Manual - I am not good at that - I don’t know what weights to put
. PLease anybody some advice
Thanks in advance . Please I want to learn how to deal with this issue


Naruto2.blend (7.8 MB)