Riggng help

I’m trying to rig a character that is built piece by piece. However every time I move one part the hole shows up. I build all my characters piece by piece how can I animate them if they keep falling apart? any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

If they are organic things, like human arms for example, then ensure both the root and tip of a bone are in the center of the last loop you want it to control respectively (eg tip gets one loop root gets one loop). I would think would be the easiest way for to do this. I am not certain though as my creations for animation are usually one mesh (the parts that need animation) with others parented to it (the ones that don’t need animation…

If your animating things like a flashlight unsrewing, then just enusre that the bone is in the center.

How to ensure the bone is in the center? select all of the verts and shift +s then select cursor to selection. Then select the bone and shift+ s once more and then select selection to cursor.