Right Brain or Left Brain? O_o

So after writing my art exam today, there was a question about how the brain hemispheres work. Easy enough question
Left Brain controls right side of the body, and is logical, anlyctical/, looks at parts(…rational?)
Right Brain controls the left side and is random,intuitive, looks at wholes (creativE)
(More detailed info here

+a Quiz O_o http://homeworktips.about.com/od/learningstyles/a/brainquiz.htm)

But I started thinking where does 3D modelling/animation come in? You have to be creative to model an intesresting character (right brain) but you have to think logical when solving triangles (left brain). So I guess it could fall into the “whole-brained” way of thinking.
I took the quiz and got a 50 50, but im not an expert at 3d modelling, only been at it for a couple months so…
What do you think?

I think right brain.

It is not an either/or question, and each of us shifts across fluidly throughout the moments of our life as need directs our attention, often using both capacities at once seamlessly. Yes, some of us are more dominant in one side or the other, but never exclusively or we couldn’t function. Those who dance easily across the divide, often do well in our field as it requires elements of creative synthesis thinking, along with getting all of the pieces lined up correctly.

Well thats a great way to sum it all up, lol

well i guess it is with left brain.

3D it is on left brain.

Sculpture , painting , drawing on right

Using a brain can be messy - keyboard, mouse and tablet get all dirty. I generally use my hands.


Usually, I use both sides. I’ll be damned if one side slacks on the job.

I just turn my brain off as soon as I open the Application - muscle memory ftw.


3D is a balancing act.

http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/images/smilies/naughty.gif I’m ambidextrous, i practice wiith my left had daily.

haha, xD

The ANIMAL, I Used to practice writing with my right hand xD, no way am I ambidextrous

Ambiddextosity is overrated.

I think it’s great because you can excel in blender or other programs like that with a strength in either side of the brain.