Right click in Node editor

I don’t know where to post it,as I don’t know if its available,or just a suggestion.

but other than box select,what is the function of right click inside the node editor?

For most people (or at least I think for most people) it would be easier to right click inside the node editor to insert nodes,rather than alt+ a

is this an option I can change?

Have you looked at the UI prefs? You can assign stuff there but the basics are Blender wide, like button click, and may not be available.

I agree, right click should be SHIFT-A by default.

yeh was the first thing I did,couldn’t find anything.

Right click just seems a lot more workflow friendly,and I didn’t know why it wasn’t an option,as it seems obvious,but i’m ignorant to how programming works so I thought perhaps I was missing something.