Right-Click Select and Blender.Community

Recently (like yesterday), the folks behind the Blender.Today community news site (Francesco Siddi and Pablo Vazquez) announced the launch of a new website, blender.community. What’s exciting about Blender.Community is that it’s basically a superset of Blender.Today. It’s meant to be a hub for all of the various sub-groups within the Blender community.

I’m also happy to announce that Right-Click Select is now part of Blender.Community. I’d been running the site on an older version of the Dillo backend that also ran Blender.Today and the site has long been in dire need of some development/maintenance love. As a part of the larger Blender.Community website, Right-Click Select can get that love.

For those of you who’ve posted your ideas on the older Right-Click Select site, don’t worry. Your proposals are still there… migrated from the old site to the new one. Even the rightclickselect.com links you’ve made should still properly redirect. Plus the new Dillo 2.0 backend has a bunch of the features we’ve all been requesting (like a working search feature!). And in the coming weeks and months, Right-Click Select (and Blender.Community) should be seeing even more useful features to help flesh out our ideas into full-blown proposals.

Anyhow… that’s the announcement. Let’s get those ideas rolling.

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