Right clickling on objects or changing the colormanagement causes the viewport-render to start again


when using the viewport render and making changes to the color management settings should not cause the render to start again. I have a file where most actions restart the render from 0 samples. I was wondering if this is caused by an option or to I have to migrate the project to a clean file(blender 2.81).

Right clicking objects triggers a refresh because it has to redraw the UI. It does it even if the UI is disabled which is odd. I’m not sure if this is going to be addressed by the refactor.

Changing the color management settings triggers a refresh because they absolutely affect the viewport render, I’m not sure why you think they wouldn’t.

That seem for me to only happen in Eevee though. In Cycles nothing forces a redraw, except changing smoothing mode on objects or any other obvious things like that. Selecting a different object only causes the overlay to change, also adjusting exposure in CM simply just change the exposure - no apparent GUI redrawing or re-rendering.

I too am experiencing this. I know that previously changing the colormangement did not have this effect, and that you can even see this in some of the videos about false color/filmic by blender guru. Changing the color management from Filmic to False Color, or to any of the settings in that drop down menu should not force a reload because all it is doing is changing how the view port expresses color, and has no effect on the actual values being rendered. I feel like this is a bug. For me this happened in cycles. Unless some update has caused them to effect the render, this should not be happening.

Did not bother with it anymore because it was only a issue for one file. Had the same problem yesterday with a new project in 2,82 and found out what is causing it.
The issue is there when I set the texture coordinate for a image as object and select a object in the texture coordinate node.
With this settings all kinds of actions will restart the viewport rendering.

Looks like a bug. I would report it. It doesn’t even matter what output socket is used. Using a reference will trigger it, even if the socket doesn’t use the reference. I might have had it happen, but I’ve never noticed it.