Right, Left, or Both Brained?

(Waffler) #1

Are you right brained, left brained, or both brained? I am cursed with being both-brained, which means it is impossible for me to order at a resturaunt because my hemispheres continuously fight for power – innexpencive, or tasty? (no joke)

(stukkm) #2

well, most people are (actually i think everyone is) both brained. usually one side has greater control than the other. do you have a copy of that test that tells you what side of the brain you use? i remember i took it once last year (in french class for some reason :-? )

(VelikM) #3

I’m pretty much ambidextrous, I can use/eat with chop sticks equally well with either hand (good thing since I have a thing about breaking my right wrist), so I guess that makes me both brained, what little of it I have left that is. :wink: Slightly left side dominant though.

(CubeFan973) #4

Maybe I’m too young, but what the **** are you talking about?

(haunt_house) #5

My right brainside definitely is in control and despite all the problems I have with left brainers:



(Green) #6

this doesnt matter. the whole brain works together. there are centers of activity for some things. but really its a colaboration for everything between everything in the brain.

(haunt_house) #7

you have no idea.

Normally one side is dominant. And this does far more than causing a preferred hand for writing.

Check the internet for lefthanders, who were forced to write with the ‘right’ hand and then tell me again this does not matter.

As far as I know and experience (and being wronghander, I am rather curious about this), The two different sides work rather different whilw processing data, creating sometimes a complete different approach of thinking.

Sorry, but you are wrong.


by the way, those are lefthanders:

Don Adams
Dan Aykroyd
Eddie Albert
Tim Allen
June Allyson
Harry Anderson
Amitabh Bachchan, Indian actor
Herschel Bernardi
Robert Blake
Matthew Broderick
Bruce Boxleitner
Carol Burnett
George Burns, comedian
Ruth Buzzi, comedienne
Sid Caesar, comedian
Keith Carradine
Khaled Chahrour, Egyptian actor
Charlie Chaplin
George Gobel, comedian
Chuck Conners
Hans Conreid
James Cromwell
Tom Cruise
Quinn Cummings
Daniel Davis
Bruce Davison
Matt Dillon
Marty Engles, comedian
Olivia de Havilland
Robert DeNiro
Michael Dorn
Fran Drescher, comedian
Richard Dreyfuss
W.C. Fields
Larry Fine ? (of the Three Stooges)
Peter Fonda
Greta Garbo
Terri Garr
Paul Michael Glaser
Whoopie Goldberg
Betty Grable
Cary Grant
Peter Graves
Mark Hamill
Rex Harrison
Goldie Hawn
Joey Heatherton
Tippi Hedren
Jim Henson, puppetteer
Kermit the Frog
Rock Hudson
Angelina Jolie
Shirley Jones ?
Gabe Kaplan
Danny Kaye
Diane Keaton
George Kennedy
Nicole Kidman
Lisa Kudrow
Michael Landon
Hope Lange
Joey Lawrence
Peter Lawford
Cloris Leachman
Hal Linden
Cleavon Little
Shirley MacLaine
Andrew McCarthy
Kristy McNichol
Steve McQueen
Howie Mandel, comedian
Marcel Marceau, mime
Harpo Marx
Marsha Mason
Mary Stuart Masterson
Anne Meara, comedian
Sasha Mitchell
Marilyn Monroe
Robert Morse
Anthony Newley
Kim Novak
Ryan O’Neal
Sarah Jessica Parker
Estelle Parsons
Anthony Perkins
Ron Perlman
Luke Perry
Bronson Pinchot
Joe Piscopo, comedian
Robert Preston
Michael J. Pollard
Richard Pryor, comedian
Robert Redford
Keanu Reeves
Don Rickles, comedian
Julia Roberts
Mickey Rourke
Eva Marie Saint
Telly Savalas
Jean Seberg
Jerry Seinfeld, comedian
Christian Slater
Dick Smothers, comedian
Brent Spiner
Slyvester Stallone ?
Terence Stamp
Jessica Steen
Rod Steiger
Alan Thicke
Terry Thomas, comedian
Emma Thompson
Rip Torn
Peter Ustinov
Brenda Vaccaro
Karen Valentine
Rudy Vallee
Dick Van Dyke
Graham Walker a.k.a. Grumbleweeds, English comedian
Wil Wheaton
James Whitmore
Treat Williams
Bruce Willis
William Windom
Oprah Winfrey
Mare Winningham
Joanne Woodward
Keenan Wynn
Stephanie Zimbalist

notic Kermit the frog!!!

And there is a bunch of lefties inside the Enterprise-D

(VelikM) #8

Left brained people are right handed and tend to be more technical, right brained people are left handed and tend to be more artistic. Look at the list of left handed people above, they are mostly,all, actors/artists, there is a big difference between the two (right and left brained people that is).

(Green) #9

you have no idea.

Normally one side is dominant. And this does far more than causing a preferred hand for writing.

Check the internet for lefthanders, who were forced to write with the ‘right’ hand and then tell me again this does not matter.

It really doesnt matter.
They are just centers. If you remove that part of the brain you will get all kinds of side effects. But in some cases they will still be able to do what that part of the brain did. When you draw something you cannot say that one center of the brain handles everything you do. Its a big ass collaboration between such things as sight, movement, creativity etc…

And that list doesnt say much. It doesnt matter what part of the brain does what imho. I think that you will be able to be as good at whatever nomatter how your brain is wired (aslong as it doesnt have any damages or such). These kind of disscussions are only held to make people who mostly use their left hands feel that they are more special(just an example). They really are not a good test of anybody’s skill at all. However they can show such things if you hold a data registry over a large part of a population and look at what they do. But that still doesnt give you any information about what the specific people in the registry will be able to do.

(haunt_house) #10

Dear Green

On what basis do you claim that there is normally no domince of one side?
You do not sound as if you even gave a second thought to handedness and the underlying causes.

by the way, who says that I wanted to prove something with that list?


(Green) #11

you are not paying attention. I am not claiming that there isnt any dominence. I am saying that it doesnt matter how your brain is wired.

(haunt_house) #12

Just because you do not know, I do not feel compelled to prove you wrong. Battle Acasto if you must. Think what you want to think and ignore.

Make your mistakes alone


(Green) #13


(haunt_house) #14

I just do not like overdone generalization. Your points are valid, just not up to the degree you claim.

(IMProvisar) #15

Um… what’s that list supposed to prove?

One of the replies said, look, “almost all of them are actors”… well, yes. Though they’re not all actors, I imagine all of them are in the entertainment industry, and I imagine all have been on TV or in movies. This is only because of the way the list was compiled… they were chosen because they’re in that business, and left handed. How big would the list of everyone in entertainment who are as famous or more so than those on the list? Why doesn’t it include Bob Smith, the left handed McDonald’s burger flipper? hehe

Consider this, if I took that same list and removed all the women, could I then say, “Wow… there’s something special about men.”

Left handed, right handed… who cares? Be who you are and forget about it. :slight_smile:


(haunt_house) #16

Um… what’s that list supposed to prove?

nothing, maybe?

The list is much longer. I just chose the actor’s part of that list. Would the whole list prove something?

I just do not care.

this is where it came from:


Left handed, right handed… who cares? Be who you are and forget about it.

Well, little children, who are forced to use the ‘right’ hand have no chance but to care. Did you ever realize how morally polarized left and right are? Where do you think the expression ‘the right way to do sth.’ comes from? Lefthanders face a world where many things are the wrong way. We are forced to write and read in the opposite direction and whatnot.

If someone tries to ‘cure’ a child from lefthandedness, he cripples it. I know some people who suffer from that. It damages a lot. So it is very important to know about the differences.

So I invite anyone to research that topic a little. Some will be surprised, what difference it makes.


(Green) #17


but you should get an equal right to live your life as the right handed people get :stuck_out_tongue:

(pofo) #18

Hmm… I paint pretty well with my right hand. And I also study engineering physics.
Maybe that makes me both brained. But I had to vote no brained since my stomach usually take most of the decisions :wink:
Maybe it would be an advantage if my brain was as noisy as my computer, then I could easily tell which side is working harder and decide what to do after that :wink:

But really, who cares? Some people are good at certain things some are good at others. Good artistic or technical skill is equally impressive if the person is left or right handed.
So what’s the point?

Oops, sorry. Forgot this was the off topic forum, most (if not all) posts are supposed to be pointless.

  1. pofo

(haunt_house) #19

the point is that not the handedness determines the way, the brain is ‘wired’, but the wiring of the brain determines the handedness and it goes much further than that.


(VelikM) #20

Look back to medieval times, left handed people were not trusted. Why not you ask? Think of the act of shaking hands, it was an act of trust, we shake with our right hands, the weapon hand, the sword hand, two men clasping right hands couldn’t strike one another, a left handed man could, so was considered under handed or untrust worthy. Through much of history left handed people were considered to be witches or worlocks and as such more subject to be burned, drowned or subjected to more un-pleasantness than right handed people. It makes little difference today in the developed countries, but the old sayings are still here that show the old bias against left handed people. I have a friend that lives down the hill from me, she’s Australian, when in school she was forced to write right handed, so I guess not all developed countries, or is Australia consideder a developed country?, have figured out that it doesn’t matter. When I was in grade school, depending on my mood I’d use my left or right hand to write, the teachers would always tell me to use my right hand; why?