"Rigid" Armature Question

For a project I am working on, I need to make a humanoid object, but one whose mesh doesn’t deform when the armature moves. It’s kinda like the APU from Matrix: Revolutions. There are pieces that can’t bend like human flesh.
Would i have to do this with multiple objects (is it even possible to have an armature affect multiple objects?)?

Any help is greatly appreciated

YOu can make multiple meshes for all limbs and head, etc. Then you can all parent it to one armature. I am using it in my games too.

Is it possible to make it so that one bone corresponds to one object? I’ve tried multiple objects already, and each time the armature moves, all of the objects using that armature deform as if they were one object.

You must use vertex groups. Each object assign to one vertex group (corresponds to one bone). So if you have one bone “chest”, assign chest mesh to armature – select chest mesh – go to edit mode and select all vertices – look into Edit Panel, there is Vertex Groups feature. Select “chest” vertex group and click assign.

Now you should have chest mesh parented to chest bone of that armature. If you make an action, chest mesh should be moving only when chest bone is moving.

It is possible do it this way, check my demo file (click here)

Ohhhhh…! I see what was wrong. The vert group names and the bone names need to be the same for them to work. Got it.


OK. Glad to help.