Rigid boddy collisions

using bullet physics i try to create buildings and make them collapse. Ofcourse i want to make buildings first that do not collapse out of nowhere so i try to make them strong enough. However the following issue occurs:

When i try to create structures (Simple collum and floor) i notice that when i start building up most rigid boddies (Usually Collums) Start shaking with a collapse followed.

I tried increasing and decreasing damping but that didn’t seem to solve annything.

Collision margin has been set to 0.000.

Annyone else having this issue?

Huh? So you’re saying the pillar is acting funny causing the building to collapse? I don’t know exactly what your doing, but try setting the collision boundaries to be either “Convex Hull” or “Triangle Mesh”

Nevermind i found a sollution.

IF annyone is having the following:

Rigid boddies vibrating for an x amount of time (usually just a frame or 10) sometimes causes structures to collapse by them self. I figured out that turning under World the substeps up fixes this.

So to prevent the building from collapsing under its own weight turn up the sub steps.