Rigid bodies and animation, together

Dear All,

I have a very simple (and probably easy) question. This is my scenario (only 3 meshes):

A cube, set as rigid body, suspended over a “floor” (plane).
A cylinder, sliding over such plane, animated to slide with just 2 keyframes.

What I want to do:

Let the cube fall on the floor (and maybe bounce), while the cylinder moves on the floor according to my keyframe-based animation (and probably will move the cube away).

If I start the simulation (P key), of course the cube will fall and bounce, but clearly the cylinder will stay in his initial position.

How can I say to the simulation engine that the cylinder will have to move, accordingly to my keyframes?

If I record the animation to keyframes, I will have the movement of the cube, but it will ignore the cylinder movement, obviously (it was still, when the animation was running)

After seeing a lot of videos showing simulation of falling buildings hit by objects, I’m sure that it’s possible, but I would not be able to “throw” such objects at defined moment of the running animation…

Thank you in advance for your support. I attach the .blend file.


AnimAndPhysics.blend (481 KB)

You need to give the cylinder an action actuator to play its animation when you start the simulation…


AnimAndPhysics1.blend (76.3 KB)

…Once again, Richard, you answered my question!

It’s exactly what I needed. Your post addressed me to what I have to study next (logic editor).

I will prefix this post as “solved”.

Thank you very much!!!