Rigid bodies - Animated slot returns object to original location

Hi. I am working in an animation where I need to expel several objects out of a box. After they land on the ground I need to take control of the animation and make them fly to specific locations.

The issue: When I activate the “animated” option in the rigid body properties, the mesh returns to its original location and I want to animate it from the place where the mesh landed with the rigid body feature.

I found a workaround for it:
I parent an empty to the mesh and un-parent it when the rigid body animation finishes. In this way, I get the empty at the last position of the rigid body mesh. After activating “animated” I apply a constraint to the mesh, following the location of the empty. It works, but I can imagine doing this for all the meshes I am animating will be incredibly tedious.

I just want to know if the behavior of my mesh when checking the animated slot…will always be to return to the original position…which does not make any sense in terms of workflow from my point of view…I mean, I imagine that most of the time the user wants to regain control of the mesh at the space where it landed using rigid bodies.

What do you think?