Rigid body and soft body physics

I love the physics simulation in Blender but am looking for some help. I am trying to create a few things like cables that are connected to something at each end but hang down naturally like they would in the real world due to gravity, buildings that collapse and even just a bouncing ball.

I can get a soft body to deform when it falls against a rigid body/collision object but it won’t bounce! My rigid bodies, such as the buildings I want to demolish work and fall down but they fly out like there has been a massive explosion rather than collapsing downwards. My attempts at making a chain result in all those rigid bodies ‘exploding’ outwards as well, completely ignoring the fact the links of the chain are meant to stay together.

Does anyone know of any decent tutorials about this? All I have been able to find are ancient pre-Blender 2.5 and old Game Engine stuff. Seeing as Blender now has both rigid bodies and soft body support then it seems silly not to take advantage of that. If it helps then I’m happy to explain further what I’m trying to do but some tutorials would no doubt teach me a lot of other useful stuff.



I have had that same problem usually it was origins in wrong place (after using array to make a wall ) or I’d forgot to apply loc/scale (ctrl+a)

for a bouncing ball turn up bounce in settings on physics panel

have fun

This is one of the best tutorials I have found about RB, it’s long, but you will definitely pick up some good tips

This guy has put a TON of excellent tutorials in all areas of blender… this link takes you to just his playlist for RB

There is close to 30 videos , just on that subject.

Brilliant - thanks - I’ll watch some of those videos. I knew there must have been some somewhere!