Rigid Body and Some physics

I’ve got some misunderstanding of “Rigid Body” button on Logic panel… I bellive when it’s turned off the Actor shouldn’t roll or rotate in some other way. But still it seems that this button changes nothing. That way my game character always falls forward… And i just can’t get how can I avoid such a results =|||

Also, i’he noticed that some objects fall through floor or walls… though both are Dynamic Actors…


Are you on 2.42?

On 2.42 Rigid body is always enabled, no matter what you do. (If your object is set to dynamic and using bullet, that is)

Damn… too bad =|||

Is there any tricks to keep character still… i meen make him (her) not to fall??? Just move left and right, jump and so on…

Parent to a vertex in the middle of a sphere. Then use the sphere to move the character, and the vertex will keep it from rolling.

Saxofoner, you know what??? U’ve just solved a problem i was trying to solve for about a month!!!

THANKS A LOT!!! =))))))))))