Rigid body animation question

Rigid body animation

I saw some test videos on You tube of buildings toppling over and a problem that occurred from the beginning of the shots was that the block buildings would wobble before the missiles hit them.
I understand that this is because the blocks were probably not lined up well enough originally and the physics came in to play as soon as the non-aligned blocks had gravity instantly applied.

I saw a few solutions posted but no one mentioned the Array modifier.
I came across that when using the Blender Sensei layout as it appeared to the right as soon as a mesh object was created…(good default idea).

So all flush with the possibility of creating non shaky buildings I arrayed 500 blocks straight up after making them unique with rigid body applied and hit play.

As you might expect it looks gratifying to look at but when the bricks hit the floor around half of them collect toward the original block at the base and disappear.

Is there some setting I missed?

The only thing you didn’t mention is if you thought about resetting the origin of every block.

In Object mode, [SHIFT CTRL ALT C] --> Origin to Center of Mass. (There’s also an “Origin” button into the Tools shelf.)

…And, of course, you can do all the blocks at once. No need to do them one by one. :smiley:

IF you don’t do it, all the block share the same origin and it can give some really weird result. :eek::confused: :wink:

Thank you kaluura.

I’ll try that.

one by one? lol.

Have a good day. :slight_smile: