Rigid Body Animation


I’m trying to make a simple animation of a car, the wheels and the main body are rigid body and are parented to empty, so when I move the empty all the objects moves with it.

The problem is : When I move the empty the objects follows as I want BUT as soon as I insert a Keyframe and move the animation cursor to another frame to insert a new key, I’m no longer able to make the object follows the empty ( objects are fixed while empty moves ).

I know that is related to the fact that it is a rigid body but is there a solution to animate such a way a car ? Like move it as I want and still having the car interact with the environment ( collision, falling,etc…).

Hope my explanations are clear.

PS : I’m a newbie Blender user
Thank you for your help.

Rigid bodies are either under your control, or under the control of the physics engine. Never both at the same time. To make them under your control, enable the “Animated” trait in the Rigid Body physics settings. You can keyframe this to make them under your control for a while, then let the physics engine take over.

You can make some objects animated and other objects not. You can use this, in conjunction with rigid body constraints, to exert some control over rigid bodies. Think like a marionette: how its limbs move depends on gravity and the wind, but you still have control over strings that limit the motion of its limbs.

Thank you very much bandages for you answer, I’m gonna try to apply this right now !

For example, if the terrain is not flat, does it mean that I will have to animate the car orientation when it is above bumps ?

You’ll almost certainly have to animate something. You aren’t going to be able to make a car that reacts appropriately via physics alone-- it would require almost as much work as designing an actual car, even if Blender’s physics weren’t as simplified as they are. What you have to animate, and how much, depends on what you want it to do, and what your standards of quality are.

Ok I see, thank you very much for your help.