Rigid Body Bug????

I am rendering a table flip animation that is 10 seconds long. When i rendered it, most of the rigid body objects disappeared for no reason. I did not disable the render for any of those objects, and they are able to see with rendered viewport. Only when rendering they disappeared out of nowhere…

But then i tried baking them to keyframes and they are in the scene for the whole animation. Is there any science behind this or is this just a weird bug in the system?

I see no blend file in your post !

It may be a bug (unlikley) or user error (most likley).
Without seeing your blend file it’s difficult for anyone to say whaich

yea but i didn’t feel it necessary to post it as i solved it with keyframing. Still i wanted to know what would be behind it as i lost 10 hours for rendering a scene where most of the objects disappeared from render.