rigid body cannonballs or other flying objects

Ok, I’ve been experimenting with using the rigid body engine for animations, and I would like to know how to give an object a starting speed/rotation. For example, if I were to animate a cannonball being shot into the air and then hitting a wall, how would I give the cannonball the starting force to move through the air realistically? All I can get objects to do is either fall downwards or else move at a constant speed in one direction, which won’t work for a cannonball–it needs to move upwards and then downwards in an arc.

I’d really appreciate any help! Thanks.

isnt there some kind of height senser…then you could tell it to go down at a specific height

its all in the maths :smiley:

here’s how i solved this little problem… to avoid constant velocity i connected the linear velocity actuator to a keystroke sensor (in the example below i used the spacebar) instead of “always”. so when you run the simulation your object is given a “boost” in the direction of linV whenever you press space. happy blending!

Wrong forum. Belong in game engine forum.

hey shteeve, that’s cool because I was playing around with blender last night and actually figured out what you suggested on my own! Except i use the Up arrow instead of space… hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure how physically accurate the result is because the ball seems to drop at a steeper angle than it rises. But it’s good enough for me.


Robin: sorry, I wasn’t sure where to post this question…