rigid body collision pairs-are they possible?

Hi… I would like to know if it is possible to make two objects… for example bounce off a ground plane but not off of each other…? Is this possible in the game engine?

what? i dont get it like make them go through eachother but not the ground

yup that’s the point… only want certain pairs (or more) of objects to
collide with each other… useful for making particle systems… when an object(say box) collides with the ground… it adds in more objects (say sparks or whatever) that bounce off the ground too… but not off the object adding/emitting them in… and then the new objects(sparks) can add in more objecst (ie smaller sparks or whatever…) when they too colide with the ground…

could make dust trails base on wheels driving over different surfaces when driving from tar road to dirt road… or water splashes… etc.

you can do it in Havoc and other physics engines… just wondering if it is possible in this one… also makes calculations faster…

dunno gotta wait for erwin to answer

That would be really useful for creating ghost effects, such as power-ups that let you walk through walls without going through the floor. However, I don’t think it’s possible.

nice idea toomai+kirado i hope it gets into blender

Good Idea.

This is not supported in Bullet oir Blender yet, but planned.

It is called ‘collision filtering’. Similar to ‘Layer Visibility’, I was planning to add 2 groups of Collision Filter Masks, and allow 2 seperate operators to check collision between 2 objects.

I’ll explain later, it might go in Blender 2.43 (Blender 2.42 is feature-frozen now, can come out very soon).