Rigid body collision with soft body problem


I’ve just started to try some body collision in animated environment. My goal in my attached example blend is to drive a column (C2) through a hollowed cylinder (C1) which is deformed at its look by design in order to make the body not that too simple. I need C1 works like if its a rubber plastic like silicon, C2 like if its a thick solid paper.

Attachment: test-bodies.blend (739 KB)

Because of I experienced that Physics in Blender are three to five times complex than I ever able to imagine (remembered the last time I cursed over an entire week), hard to understand which parts of it working how by what, I started watching tutorials on YouTube in the topic of soft bodies. For my surprise at first time it looks like pretty easy. Well, I faced that is something else in practice at second when I tried to use it. Then I spent something 8 to 10 hours without a success.

Rather than just needing a solution for one time only (which I also glad to see!) I think I need to get something help for the future so I’d be really very glad if you tell me if something cheat-sheet or a plugin could be existing in order to simplify the work by selecting the necessary kind of body (rigid, soft, cloth, fluid) and setting up its parameters based on reality - I mean I think that there are steel, linen, rubber glows, glass, water, syrups, pudding, skin and inner tissues of livings, etc. can be found in reality which needed to transform to thousands of parameters in Blender Physics which I feel I’m unable to do without some “NASA graduation”, but there might be some help to do it for general human users just like me.

Thank you!