Rigid Body Constraint Problem (energy chain animation)

Hey guys,

i am using Blender at work to animate energy chains. Here is one example of my work

However, since v2.8 there is a problem i can’t solve. In the link there are two pictures, one from v2.79 and one from v2.83 (10th may).
You can see i built a simple scene with a small energy chain, all linked together via the rigid body contraints object tab (see right).


The left chain part is fixed an doesn’t move. The rest is falling down and should behave like in the first picture. But in the newest versions the chain parts are all linked to the first part, the left one. Is that a bug or is there a new option i don’t know about?

Bye :slight_smile:

It could be that your setup has dependency cycle problems. I just tried creating a similar setup to your images and I got ‘Dependency cycle detected:’ errors in the console.

Try removing the constraints from the rigid body objects and putting the constraints as separate objects/empties.

Yep that was it! Thank you very much! Also i found a video on YT, he uses empties too.
Introduction to Rigid Constraint in Blender 2.80

BTW: Before v2.8 you don’t need any empties.