Rigid Body Constraints

I’m hoping there is a better way! For a project, I added a cube, cell fractured it into 30 pieces, and made all of them active rigid bodies. My goal was to drop this fractured cube onto a passive plane where it would break apart into a scattered pile of rubble. The catch is that I want the fractured cube to hit an intermediate passive object while falling causing it to tumble WITHOUT breaking before hitting the ground. I quickly discovered that using the add-on “Bullet Constraints Tools” was problematic as the “breakable” option cannot be animated from off to on right up to the moment of impact with the ground. My workaround was to select each one of the constraints one at a time and using the physics panel, animate the breakable check box from off to on at just the right time. This works quite well and is doable with a small number of pieces. But, any significant number of pieces is prone to error not to mention a pain in the butt. Does anyone know a better way? Thanks.