Rigid Body Dynamic in Blender 2.5

I was wondering if the devs were going to do anything with RBD in Blender. I know in the past they used the Logic editor in combination with the world panel (which made very little sense, imo) to control Bullet.

My hope is that Bullet gets implemented correctly this time. Just like the other physics stuff it should have its own modifier and panel so that we can find the options without having to hunt for them. I know Bullet uses the game engine to do its thing, which is no problem, imo, but it would be nice to add a couple of features specifically for those using Bullet for simulation, like maybe allowing for the camera to move freely when previewing, instead of being static unless specified in the logic editor. Allow for more control, allow for al Bullet features to be exposed, scriptability where possible, and perhaps a couple of presets for things that Bullet does, like soft body as well.

If anyone has used Reactor for Max you’ll see what I’m getting at. Bullet is a perfectly fine library that is actively developed, its made with game development in mind but can be used for more demanding simulation. I think we should leverage that capability and the already present functionality and make it easy for users to use if they are not using Blender for the BGE. Al we need is a proper UI for users. Hell, I think it coudl probably even be done with a python script or two, but I’m not really a programmer so that may not be the case.

My guess is: not for 2.5. They already have a lot to do, the set of new/improved features has grown since the branch started and I think they should focus on getting everything to work first.

Apoc I really hopes this happens. They way it works in 2.9 does not make sense atm and it should be better integrated for people who want to use bullet without having to resort to the game engine.

I actually started a poll at Blenderstorm about this, ‘Rigid Body Physics As Modifier.’ Bullet is such a mature and actively developed library, it really begs for closer integration outside the BGE.

Durian gives hope – I was pleasantly surprised to actually see it on the Development Targets list at the Durian blog!

Oh yes, RBD outside of the BGE would really kick a**! It would make the Blender Physics complete :slight_smile:

It is so nice to see all these updates coming in these days! Thanks Durian Team!