Rigid body freezes, why?

Hi everybody !

I’m trying to simulate an ice cube falling into a glass. I set the ice cube as a rigid body, it’s meant to fall into a glass, however, it doesn’t seem to want fall into it, it stays blocked at the top. The glass is set as a passive rigid body.

Here’s when it’s starting to fall. :

And here is where the ice cube stops moving, without even getting a slight rebound, it just freezes (pun non intended :smile: :

Here are my ice cube settings :

And my glass settings :

Any idea what could be wrong ? Thank you :smile:

Edit : I’ve made a few changes, but still, it’s acting quite weird. Here’s the blend file :

Flying saucer.blend (4.8 MB)

Hope this is what you want:
Flying saucer-f.blend (4.9 MB)

Somewhere, it appears you added a force? to push the ice cube back up so I didn’t mess with that.
Otherwise, I adjusted the friction a little, changed the mass of the cube and reduced the sensitivity margin.
I also increased the simulation length from blender’s default 180 to 250 and increased the steps and solver iterations. The simulation length appears to be your biggest problem. This setting is in the “scene” (cone and two spheres) tab.

It is a good idea when working with physics to keep in scale for a better accuracy.

I miss the old opengl render of pre-2.8. Makes preview renders so much quicker…

Hey there :slight_smile: In your file, the ice cube bounces and goes out into space, is it normal ? :sweat_smile:

That’s what I was wondering, if you did it on purpose. Likely, one of the forces controlling the saucer are influencing it.
It appears to bounce like normal, then when the saucer comes into play it then bounces out.
Since I have no idea how you implemented saucer movement, I think it would be best to separate them into different layers and bake the physics sim with those forces turned off initially.