rigid body goes through non-actor :(


I havn’t posted for some time.

I need help in a .blend

The sss object moves with the rightarrow and the leftarrow.

One link in the chain has a stopper. But if u press long enough (5 seconds) the chain starts to move through the “aaa” object

How can i prevent this from hapenning?

I have atached the file to the message



the problem.blend (500 KB)

you have to make the balls convex hull polytope or it will not work:)

This makes the chain function correctly, but the stopper will still pull through if you apply too much tension to the chain. This is because of the stress you are placing on the physics constraints. Each ball in your chain has two physics constraints (except the ball on each end), and it is trying to respect both of these constraints and the collisions bounds of each object around it. You are pulling it beyond its physical limitations, so the physics engine becomes uncertain of which constraint to honor. The ball begins to jitter and shake around, trying to respect the constraints, but being held back by the collision bounds. The more tension you apply to the constraints, the greater the shaking becomes and the less certain the position of the object becomes. Inevitabely, the engine miscalculates the position of the ball and mistakenly decides that it is inside of the object, pulling it through the collision bounds.

I hope that made sense.

In real life, the stopper on your chain would make it too difficult for the chain to be pulled further, or if someone continued to pull on it with great enough force, the chain, the stopper, or the object with the through-hole would eventually break. You should probably look into some method of limiting the simulation to stop the chain from being pulled too far.