(Rigid Body help) Logs, everywhere!

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Hello all!

I’ve been trying to make a small fireplace scene, and I have been trying to drop logs on a grate-like structure and then add fire physics. I’ve had a little experience with rigid body physics, however after applying scale, changing margin sizes, and altering the translation/rotation damping (as well as margin), my logs have the insatiable urge to fly everywhere. Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you!

The Blend: FireplacePhysics.blend (741 KB)


Hi Keto.

here is your file fixed. have no time to tell you the problems because my experience showed me it will end up in lots of time and trouble here for support. If it works for you as it should compare the two files. Did some changes in scene physics settings and ridgid body settings. Don`t forget to free the cache when playing with things like that. If you like to notice i placed the logs in a different layer to make them easy accesible. And when you select all of them and need to change a value for all of them press and hold the “alt” button when you click on a value that needs to be changed. This way you will have the changes for all your logs or rigid bodys.
hope it helps and good luck and happy blending… nice scene btw. And tell me when you downloaded the file to clean my dropbox.

(KetoBlend) #3

Alright, I got the file downloaded. Thank you very much!