Rigid Body Joint constraint in 2.49 - move pivot.

I would like to move a position of a Rigid Body Joint’s pivot (i.e. point of rotation for two bodies connected by rigid body joint) to the position of 3d cursor without changing pivots of individual objects. Blender 2.49.

How can I do that without writing another script?

Found no way to do it without a script.
I wrote a script.


Name: 'Move rig body joint pivot'
Blender: 249
Group: 'Animation'
Tooltip: 'Moves rigid body joint pivot to position of 3d cursor'

__author__ = "SigTerm"

__bpydoc__ = """\
Moves rigid body joint pivot to position of 3d cursor

import Blender
import bpy
from Blender import Draw

nothingFound = True

cursorPos = Blender.Mathutils.Vector(Blender.Window.GetCursorPos())

for obj in bpy.data.scenes.active.objects.context:
	location = obj.getLocation()
	matrix = obj.matrix.copy()
	for constraint in obj.constraints:
		if constraint.type == Blender.Constraint.Type.RIGIDBODYJOINT:
			nothingFound = False
			pivot = cursorPos * matrix
			constraint[Blender.Constraint.Settings.CONSTR_RB_PIVX] = pivot.x
			constraint[Blender.Constraint.Settings.CONSTR_RB_PIVY] = pivot.y
			constraint[Blender.Constraint.Settings.CONSTR_RB_PIVZ] = pivot.z								
if nothingFound:
	Draw.PupMenu("No suitable constrained objects found")

Question closed.

Hi! Thanks alot for making this script i have been looking for just this thing!