Rigid Body Joint fast pivot setup

hi i started learning BGE + rigid body joint Constraint.

my question 1.

is there FAST way to set pivot location? Becouse now i need go to edit mode and copy vertex local coordinates and paste to rigidbodyjoint contraint pivot coordinates.
if i click and drag on all 3 axis coordinates then all are adjusted to 1 same number. i cant find out how i can copy 3 of all and then paste all 3 elsewhere.

question 2. almost same but with 3d cursor. is there addon to quickly copy 3D cursor location and paste on all 3 sliders elsewhere.

please help someone i couldnt find anything about it. i mean this would be so super much faster then setup manualy pivot X,Y,Z for rigit body joint contraint or other. i cant believe someone couldnt find solution to that till now :slight_smile: