Rigid Body Joint Problem in 4.9b

Title edit–i meant to say 2.49b

I’ve looked through the forums and on google to see if I can find an answer, but I cant. It would seem that either I am forgetting something very basic or I ran into a glitch.

The gist of the problem is that I create rigid body joints on an object, but once in game mode, those joints show up in the wrong places. I created multiple joints on an object, and in game mode those joints both show up too close to the object origin, but proportionately so–I beleive there is some problem with how my game is visualizing space in the game mode. This is making it very hard to accurately place hinges where they are needed. Here are some screenshots.



You can also see how the rigid body joints do not show up properly either, the pz value is too long, which might be why this is messing up. I opened up a new blend to do a test and it did the same thing. I have tried everything, resetting defaults, etc…I dont know what the problem is. --Also, on an odd note, I have one object in the scene with working pivots, and I can freely add working pivots to this object and they are in the right place in game mode, I beleive I created that object when I was in an older version of blender, which might be why the data for that object is ok.

I dont know, does anyone know of any solutions? Thanks

Make sure all your objects scalings are set to [1,1,1]… (Alt-G) to “reset” scaling to 1,1,1
If that doesn’t work, let me know and I can take a look at your blend.