rigid body multi layers ?

u can do a one layer with rigid body animation
like a layer of particles on a conveyor

but would there be a way to make a multi layers of material ?

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Is collision groups what’s being talked about?

not certain
is there any tut on that part
or can you explain how it works

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do you mean like adding a second invisible conveyor on layer 3
and making it part of another rigid body group too ?
but conveyor would be a little higher then first conveyor to make a second layer of material higher then the first one

then add another emitter with particles groups on layer 3

here is pic for first conv
I cannot make particles big cause material is very fine small
but could use several layers

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Not really sure what you’re going for. Are we talking about Rigid Body or Particle physics?

Collision groups make separate Rigid Body layers. Every Rigid Body simulation interacts only with rigid bodies on the same layer.

the particles system are creating particles that fall on the conveyor and stick to it like this
cause the belt is moving around

but would like to have a ticker layer of material on the belt
so one way would be to have more then one layer of particles some how

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You could try faking it by modifying the shape of the conveyor belt as it passes under the emitter to make it look as though there is a build up of particles.

only problem the conveyor looks totally wrong all warp !

any other ideas welcome

anyway got another problem with rigid
like I modify parameters and it works well then save file and close file
then re open and it does not work as it was

have you seen this problem before
is it a bug ?

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in cycles I can make it transparent then could add under it the red conveyor

that might be a good fake
will experiment some more

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