Rigid body not breaking apart

Hi, I’m trying to create an animation where a rigged robot smashes through a simple house. The house has been cell fragmented, and it consists of 4 separate collections (roof fragments, main house, window, door). It also has rigid body already turned on for each fragment, with start deactivated checked on.

I tried making the mesh of the robot also a rigid body, with “animated” checked on (since I have it following a keyframed animation that I want to keep). It just passed through the house, with none of the fragments moving at all. Just in case it had to do with the robot being connected to a rig, I also tried just running a box through the house, and it also didn’t work. Could someone let me know what the issue is?

Here’s the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14xctXuNARWl2cE7U8PiYX7TuPJwZHAQI/view?usp=sharing
The point of interest starts at around frame 180. I have the floor hidden currently (collection 3)

I downloaded it and for me it looks ok

rigid body probl

Reason for your problem might be an outdated cache? did you try to bake again? or just restart Blender with your file?

Ah yeah, the cache was outdated. Thanks, I didn’t even know what caches or baking were beforehand!

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