Rigid body object won't detect deforming collision mesh

Never had this issue happen in the past, yet for some reason I’m running into it with Blender 2.82a. I set up a rigid body world with which I use a custom Collection (the default RigidBodyWorld won’t show up in the outliner); This collection contains a sphere that is the rigid body, and a mesh deformed by a lattice that it’s meant to interact with. The collider is of course set to shape = mesh and source = final, its type being passive while the sphere itself is active.

The simulation will compile, but for some reason the sphere goes through the collision as if it’s not there! The weird thing is that this happens randomly as well: At some point it worked, then I changed some settings and it stopped working… I reverted those changes yet that didn’t make the collision work again too! I looked at every single setting and thing I could think of, but everything looks fine and I still can’t imagine what’s doing it.

Here’s a screenshot of the 3 relevant panels: The rigid body world, the sphere object, and the collider cage. Both the sphere and collider are of course located in the “Rigidbody” collection, which is visible and active with everything set to render. Any idea why this setup could be failing?

Any thoughts in this? Waiting to find a solution to the issue before continuing an animation project I’m working on. Would appreciate any pointers if anyone has some.