Rigid body problem

I’m probably just not looking in the right place, but my active rigid bodies, all mesh shaped, fall through the passive rigid body (also mesh shaped). I changed the margins, the weight and speed, but it still falls through. It doesn’t fall immediately, but after a 100 frames or so. What am I doing wrong? I haven’t added any animation myself yet, only let a small building fall apart.

here the model on sketchfab. toilet house falling apart - 3D model by Mieke Roth - Sketchfab

Where is your .blend file ?

Check object scales are all 1
Check object origins are in correct place
Supply a demo blend file for review

Hi Richard,

Here is the blend file. I already checked all the object scales and origins. That is why I can’t seem to find the problem.


I think I know why: everything is too heavy and the timber of the shed intersect. Am I right?

Go to Properties > Scene > Rigid Body Cache. Check the End Frame isn’t set to around 100.