Rigid Body sims broken for me

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here, but for some reason, I can’t seem to get the rigid body simulation options in 2.93.6 to work properly.

As an example, I want to make an object shatter into pieces. So I cell fracture a cube and use a sphere to do the deed (remembering to make all objects active, while the backdrop they’re on is set to passive), but no matter what I seem to do, either the now-fractured cube goes through the floor or doesn’t shatter.

Here’s an example file I have made with one of my issues in play, it has all objects (minus backdrop) set to animate, I have animated the sphere and set the cube fragments to “Start deactivated” until the sphere hits the cube. As you can see, the sphere goes through the fragments with no effect. Granted it might work for you, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong if you can’t replicate it. If you can, can anyone give me some ideas how to fix it? I should point out that when I don’t set the sphere to “Animated”, it flies into the air and never returns. No idea how that happened either.
RigidBody.blend (547.8 KB)

Bumping because I need some help.

I tested your file and think I have found the issues:

-The fragments are not moving because they are set to “animated”. That setting is only for passive rigid bodies that you want to keyframe by hand.

-The fragments explode through the floor, because the floor has its collision set to “convex hull”. However, that setting doesn’t take concave meshes into account, causing your fragments to be inside the floor’s collision hull (because of the walls). If you want a concave object to react correctly in a rigid body simulation, it needs to have its collision set to “mesh”.

-The floor object has its normals flipped. This should not affect the simulation, but maybe correct them just in case.

Hopefully this helped!