Rigid Body Simulation Breaking Near Scene Origin

Hi, I have a forcefield and an object with cell fracture with gravity disabled, and my simulation is breaking whenever it is close to the scene origin. I need it to be on the Z axis and near the origin of the scene, but that causes it to explode. If I place it such that the fragments cross the Z axis, they appear to “hit” an invisible wall, and the simulation looks bad. If I raise the fractured object and the forcefield respectively away from the origin, I don’t get an error anymore. I thought maybe other objects in the scene were causing the problem, even though I triple checked none of them had a rigid body enabled, so I backed up my file and deleted everything else but the simulation, and found the problem still persists with nothing else in the scene at all.

Why is this happening?? I’m considering I can bake the simulation somewhere where it works and move it to the spot I need it to be in, but I don’t know how to move it afterward. I also don’t think this solves the real issue I’m having.

Sim breaks if on the Z axis and near the origin:

Sim fragments stick to “invisible wall” on z axis if behind the z axis and near the origin:

Sim works perfectly fine if away from the origin and still on the z axis:

I found the solution to the problem. I removed the rigid body world entirely, deleted my cylinder, shattered cylinder, and forcefield, checked again that nothing else in the scene had a rigid body, and remade the simulation from scratch. Now I’m finally getting normal results from the simulation.