rigid body simulation unstable

Hi everyone,
I want to simulate domino effect with jenga blocks (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenga).
Setting Metric units and reproducing blocks with their real measures (7.5cmx2.5cmx1.5cm) the simulation is unstable, blocks “dance” (vibrate) on their spot. I tried to change settings like Shape or Margin, but block still move.
I tried also to increase Steps per Seconds and Solver Iteration in Rigid Body World panel, blocks gain stability but still move, slowly.

Did I make some mistakes??

any suggestion is welcome

Thanks in advance


jengaCut.blend (1 MB)

I don’t think you made any mistakes, what you are experiencing is the current state of the physics system in Blender 2.71. The work around is to just go ahead and bake the physics sim then throw away all the key frames for standing still, you only need the one before the first domino falls. This will remove the jitter from the first part of the animation.

Thanks for your help Atom