Rigid body / spring physics for bones

Is there a way of supporting you? I would feel kinda bad if its usefull in my production and there would be none outside of making people aware of it.

Or, are there any plans selling it on idk blendermarket? Because this addon looks very promising.

btw i diddnt test it yet.


@Stuard2271232: It’s open source. The whole point is to share it with everybody for free (just like Blender itself).


Allright :slight_smile: Then a big thank you for this tool! :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Pauan Can bendy bones be used with this?

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Sure, but it will only control the start and end of the bendy bone, because it’s impossible for add-ons to control the individual parts of the bendy bone (they can only control the Curve options). This is a limitation in Blender itself.

If you really want to have physics for individual parts, I recommend just Subdividing the bone several times (this will create a lot of small bones, which emulates bendy bones). Then you don’t need bendy bones at all. Here is an example.

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