Rigid body vs. Character physics

At first, I thought that the new Character physics type was pretty cool. Although I am having trouble with getting my player to jump. I don’t know how to set the proper fall speed and nothing seems to work. I guess I’m going back to the Rigid body. Does anyone have any answers?

Not sure about the fall speed not working, but Jump Speed is currently not used…

Character Physics TypeA new “Character” physics type was added in the game engine, for simulation instead of full-blown dynamics. It is appropriate for player-controlled characters, for which the other physics types often result unexpected results (bouncing off walls, sliding etc.) and for which simple kinematics offers much more precision. (patch details)“Character” can be chosen like any other physics type in the Physics section of the properties window. Current settings for tweaking are:

  • Step Height to make the object automatically climb small steps if it collides with them
  • Fall Speed: the maximum speed that the object can have when falling
  • Jump Speed: currently not used

Known problem: there is a crash if the Compound option is set in the physics panel of the Character object.

Ah, thanks deranjer. Also, I meant to say that I use Dynamic for character physics, not Rigid body.

I have Blender v. 2.63 and it doesn’t have character physics. Is that because it is in a different version or because I need to enable an addon?

@littlesprite - It’s because it’s in a later version. 2.65a from the official Blender website might have it. You could also download a trunk bleeding-edge build from http://builder.blender.org/.

A quick google shows it was added in 2.64 and above…

Trunk makes use of the jump speed, but you’ll need to use Python. I’ll hopefully get around to adding options to the motion actuator.

I’ve played around with the character physics type, but I could never get the jump to work in an intuitive way. If someone could throw up a quick demo on how to jump, it would be greatly appreciated, and I might start using it in my projects. (This is me assuming that it is possible to jump properly with the character type, if jumping is still in development, then that’s fine, it’s just that there is very little documentation on what I think could be a really great feature.)

Very cool, I have lizards, and robots etc running on Dynamic and rigid bodies etc, but they use alot of cpu for collision, is there any way to move collision to its own thread? logic etc? would this even make a speed up? I have 8 cores,