Rigid Body with modifiers doesn't work

Nice to meet you, I’m Hiroki , in Japan.

I tryed to move Ball by belt Belt conveyor.
So, I set up
Ball : [Type]-Active [Shape]-Mesh [Sorce]-Final
Belt conveyor : [Type]-Passive [Shape]-Mesh [Sorce]-Final
Belt conveyor has modifiers(Array,Curve) and Bone(To Rotate) Animated : no Check (But I tried Check too)

Here is my file.

I use Blender2.8beta , Windows10, GTX1060 6GB,

Rigidy Body with Modifiers is not working?

I downloaded the blend file, but it does seem buggy. You may have better luck with 2.79. If the Belt conveyor needs to move at all in the simulation, it needs to be set to Active, not Passive, with the “Animated” checkbox ticked.

Thank you very much for your reply. I try to set to Active.If Active Belt conveyor doesn’t work, I say goodbye to belt conveyor.