Rigid body with wave modifier

hi, i am trying to make a simple rigid body simulation using a plane with a wave modifier and a cube to fall onto the plane and move with the waves,

but the rigid body for the wave doesnt work, the cube just falls down , i tried different speeds to no avail.
i used mesh and final settings for the plane, should i bake the wave to shape keys or there’s something else wrong ?

Hi @sorbgh,

I’ve found using rigid bodies for this kind of action unreliable, however it is possible:

Instead of rigid bodies, assign a Collison to the wave mesh:


and a Cloth to the ‘block’. The key thing here is to use Pressure set to 1. which will make the block non-flexible so is effectively behaves as a rigid body:

here’s my Blend file ( b3.0 ) if it’s of help . . .
BlockOnWave.blend (1.3 MB)


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amazing idea! thanks a lot

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