RigidBody in Blender

Hey, hi my bros, im learning Blender, and i have a big problem, i cant found RigidBody in Simulations…it is very important, i can see “Force Fields, Soft Body, Collision, Fluid, Cloth, Smoke, Dynamic Paint”, i need rigidbody.

PD: i dont need Rigid body in GameEngine, i need rigidbody in SIMULATIONS…

Where i can found it?


It’s not in any official build yet, you’ll have to get a testing build from graphicall.org. Do a search for “bullet”.

In the trunk currently, the only way to make rigid body animations is to simulate them in the game engine and turn on a setting to bake the animation to keyframes. There was a tutorial for it on blender cookie I think.

Just try out one of the builds on graphicall, it’s much easier to use. http://graphicall.org/?keywords=bullet+integration

You have to use a blender build with bullet integration( fried chicken branch)