Rigify 2.79 Thoughts?

I am wondering what are the general thoughts on the recent changes to Rigify in 2.79.

Overall, I love the new additions and features, but I have some concerns over what has been removed and the future of the addon and how it will function from here on out.

For those that are not aware, the original rig types created by Nathan Vegdahl have been mostly stripped out and replaced with an updated version of the Pitchipoy rig types. The main point here is, we, as riggers, now have less choices under the new code on how the generated rigs will work. To be fair, there is a toggle that is available called “legacy” that will still allow the older rig types. If you use Rigify in “legacy” mode, none of the new features of the updated Pitchipoy rigs will be available.

Maybe I am in the minority in that I have always mixed and matched the original rig types with the pitchipoy versions depending on what I needed for each character/creature. Losing that choice is a step backwards, in my opinion.

I think we can all agree, that one thing we can all disagree on is, what way is the best way to rig something. Rigging is, and always will be, a compromise of one thing over another. Another thing I think we can all agree on is that no rig will ever do everything we want and trying to create a do-it-all rig is futile. Sometimes simple is better or at least it is a better starting point.

Another issue I see, if limiting rig types is the future, there will be less interest and more hurdles for the community to add new rig types. I have always viewed Rigify as something that could and should be expanded on with new choices.

Anyways…I just wanted to get a general grasp on what everyone thinks of the changes and if anyone, other than me, has some concerns with the new direction.

I am certainly not trying to advocate for one rig over the other. I am advocating for choice and the expansion of rig types.

Let me know your thoughts.