Rigify 2.8 armature and mesh connection?

I have a Crow object, used Rigify 2.80Beta, current to May26 2019, I parent the mesh to the armature, press Generate Rig, Rig appears created. I go into Pose Mode, select a part of the Armature Rig created, which moves the elements, but not the Mesh. I have watched multiple videos via Google search, and topics on BlenderArtists to no effect. I need to be able to build Armatures for other characters, and then have them move the mesh. If I just use the Armature, with the Mesh parented (small error about Weighting which I also can’t seem to resolve) but the Mesh does move with the Armature Bones. I am clearly not understanding something fundamental, and any help will be appreciated.Crow with Armature - 22mg

Did you parent the mesh to the metarig?
If so, you should unparent it and parent it to the generated rig, most likely called rig.

I appreciate any help, and have attempted my understanding of your comments, clearing the parent and then parenting to the "rig.’ I still get the problem of “Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones?” I tried Voxel Heat Skinning and Surface Hear Diffuse Skinning, in the past to remedy the problem, and just as I was writing that “your solution” did not work, I thought to quickly go back, run those two Addons again, after the corrected parenting, and Voila!! it works now. Thank you for taking the time to investigate and respond. Hopefully I can remember this with the remainder of the characters. Happy Camper.