Rigify Additions & Alternatives?

In this screencap from an old BlenderCookie DVD series by Jonathan Williamson, when he’s adding in his Rigify Meta-Rig, you can see that he also has options for plenty of other rig types. This is apparently some enhanced for of Rigify or something? So, does anybody know where to get his add-on where there are Rigs for quadrupeds and the like?

On a related note, I would appreciate any links to add-ons similar to Rigify that might be better or just different. For example, is the BlenderCookie FlexRig available as a stock rig, or do you really have to use their models, too? Any alternatives like that that you think are helpful, I’d be happy to learn of. Thanks as always.

I can’t speak to where Jonathan got all those extra entries under Meta-rig. In fact, they may even have been a standard part of an earlier incarnation of Rigify. On the other hand, they do have a rig expert or two at Blender Cookie, so who knows?

But I can tell you that FlexiRig was built from a foundation of Rigify. If you look at the UI script, it’s the same but with extra functionality added on for resizing various things.

One disadvantage to FlexiRig is its lack of IK/FK matching/snapping. Rigify does have this, so from a pure flexibility POV, Rigify is better if you have to switch back and forth between IK and FK in the middle of a shot.

Yes, there is the disadvantage of having to build your own face rig. But I think the most time-consuming part of face rigging isn’t building the rig, it’s weighting it. If you stripped the mesh off FlexiRig and added your own, you’d end up weight-painting it anyway. Using Rigify as a foundation and rolling your own face rig means you’d be laying out bones and working out controllers. How long that will take depends on how much experience you have rigging and how well you understand the process of planning a rig. It took me about two months to work it all out, but I cheated like mad in the end. I built one complete rig for body and face, then used it on a whole cast of characters for the Oh Balls! concept I’m working on. I don’t guess that could be done for humanoids.

It would be nice to see a rigging system that does for faces what Rigify does for bodies and maybe someday there will be one. I feel your pain.

dont know of any add ons but these videos may help you

Yes, I can vouch for these as well (as I’m sure others can, too). Nathan is an extremely good teacher.

All those rig types are still there – under the armature tab, there are “rigify buttons” with all the options that are shown in your screencap. click on a type, press “add sample” and it adds a prototype

Strange. Those options aren’t showing up in the rig window on mine. Perhaps it’s because I’m running r54473 instead of the 2.65 release. I’ll try some other versions.

EDIT: I tried official releases all the way back to 2.62 and they don’t show up on any.

do you have the rigify add-on enabled? are you in edit mode?

Oh! EDIT Mode. Yup. I see them now. Somehow I thought they were independent rigs.

Thanks to heddheld for the links to those tutorials. I expect I’ll be sifting through them for hours!

Also, I appreciate the thoughts, and I agree that rigging faces is going to be hugely time consuming under probably any conditions, even the best of them.

When I go “Shift+A > Armature >” …only two options show up (“Single Bone” and “Human (Meta-Rig)”). In the screencap in the first post, there’s a THIRD option for just “Meta-Rig”, and that has options for Quadraped and such. Do you know what it takes to get this option to appear?

at least 10 charaters

Perhaps it would be a good idea to put the question directly to either @JonathanW.

Okay, I’ll do that.

(And I do see, in Edit Mode, the area where you can add specific elements. But they don’t include all those elements in the screencap in the first post, obviously.)

Hi DavidBrennan,

At the time of recording for the 2010 Training Series Rigify was a bit different. Those options have since been removed. I know that Nathan Vegdahl is still updating Rigify, but I don’t know whether he plans to adapt it for Quadrupeds or anything.

Well, that explains it. I hope that Vegdahl and others do indeed restore that old functionality, because an automatic rig for quadrapeds would be hugely useful.

Thanks as always, JonathanW.