RIgify Addon deleate the rig and keep weight painting is possible?

Hi everyone I would like to know if I can deleate the rigify addon (the rig) to modify the previous rig (metarig) from pitchypoy (rigify addon)…??

I got a biped chacacter , nice topology and some animation, but I realised that I have some issues… (I forget to change or deleate a contraint in the meta-rig) that can distord my rigify addon… I am going to upload a short video where I show the problem.

I ve spend hours for skinning , I am worried , the animation is not important for now, just for fun and purpose. I hope you can help me so I can show to others people how to solve it too. Thx, Up the blender.

If the naming of your old rig is identical then yes.

Make sure you clear your parent on your mesh, delete the armature modifer. When you reparent your rig just use empty groups. This parenting method will preserve your skinning for bones that are named the same and create an empty group for any bone that you don’t have a vertex group for. Then you can just worry about the new bones if you have any. If not it will be in the same weighted state you left it.

I think he has to choose ‘armature deform’ instead of ‘empty groups’, or the vertex weights will be overwritten.

I need to keep my weith painting , empty group I used a lot but , well I can not fix it yet… (I tried to deleate the amrature modifier, but the nasty thing is I got animations, so when I deleate the amrature modifier , all the mesh is weird…) , the animation is not a problem because I can re use it from another files…or in the worst case I can do it again quick, the problem was I did not realised about the twisting in the “eyelid” I ve created 2 specific bones just for eyelid to move indiviudal eyelid…(in addition I also created more bones for eyelids up and down , to move it specific region of the eyelids (to resume, 8 bones to move individual region or tiny twisting area in the eyeld and 2 bones for move entire eyelid (one for the top and one for the button) .

They won’t with empty groups. They will just add an empty group for any bone he adds. Otherwise he will need to create a group for the bone he adds.

Still not sure what the problem is exactly. Your eyelidbones start flipping if you move the control bone?

My main problem is I use “rig type” samples… in the bone panel displays there are several option to create rigify addons , “rigify type” is the way I used to work for creating controls+ widget + deform… my rig is ok at 90% , but for my pipeline something is wrong special in the eyelids ( I have 2 group of bones, 2 main bones that controls the eyelid, top eyelid and button eyelid, but also to get better support deformation in individual pieces of the mesh I ve created more bones , tiny bones to control individuals)…
for the individual bones there is not proble in “creation” when I press “generate rig” these bones are ok! and rigify create greenish round circle forms to control them better… but the main problem is the 2 bones (button eyelid and top eyelid) does not appear in the rig ( I use copy chain and nothing happen).

thx ! your help could be useful for my future tutorials.

I ve upload a video to explain better . (using obs , my voice could be as robot or fix the equalizer)

Maybe they’re just hidden, did you check the bone layer where you put them? When you generate the rig all unused bone layers that rigifiy dont use gets hidden.

So what you want is your main eye control influencing the upper and bottom lid bones. But they should also be move individual ist that correct? Just make a duplicate of the lid bones, parent the orginal lid bones to the duplcates. But instead of rotation constraints on the orginals you put them on the duplicates. That should do it.

yes , that is what I want. the main eyecontrol can influence in some way the eyelid or visceversa, I just want to move the eyelids with this 2 bones, and keep the small ones to twick better deformation at future animation…
you mean I need to parent the duplicated bones to the original bones? parent via offset?? … but also I got a masterControlbones wich moves the eyes to every direction… so the main bones for eye are parent IK to the eyemastercontrol…

short video explain

Doesnt matter if you parent the duplicates to the originals or the other way around. Just make sure that the bones that hold the rotation constraint are above the individual eye lid control bones.


Well i use trackTo constraints for that but whatever works for you is fine.

the duplicated bones heritage the constraint? should I remove the contraint for duplicated ones? and keep them from originals?

yes of course

I do not know how to put them “above” so I inflate a little with “control + alt + s” in “bendy bones” display… is the same?? because if I put the duplicate above can be far ? or do not clear position? well let me test… I am going to press “generate rig” to update this modification to the rig

this is the result, I put above the original ones and then create the rig, but was a problem I follow the steps above the post .

Still dont know what your problem is but i put together an eye rig for you. Just study it.

BBone - EyeRig.blend (628.7 KB)

thx , cool I am trying to make a practice with that and learning about more of the magic of bendy bones I am getting encourage to that

Hey excellent blendflie, could be possible to attach eyelashes as “alpha card planes” parent to this bones?? that 2 bones is the way I was looking for… I tested my own vertion today… but has ugly defomation when created blendShapes in the eyelashes because I need to parent it to sometihg, cause they are separate objects… however with the help of your blend file I can try to make something clever. thx.